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Ricardo Carvalho

CEO - Director

Change is my thing! I have been working with change management and management systems for the last 13 years within a range of industries, including manufacturing, tourism, food & wine, oil & gas, construction and agriculture. I created Skinny Robot to help businesses improve performance and align growth efforts with their strategies and aspirations.

Cyril Boyer

CTO - Director

I believe it is possible to automate existing processes without re-designing everything or disturbing existing workflows. With the right amount of technology, reasonable investment, straightforward deployment and integration you can achieve fast, successful returns.

Thiago Souto

CHO - Director

I'm a project manager and an enthusiastic automation and control engineer. I have over 10 years experience working as a non-destructive testing (NDT) inspector specialised in Ultrasonic Techniques, and have worked in many countries, including New Zealand, Brazil, Norway, USA and Scotland.

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