Inspiring innovation for sustainable business


Our services are not for everyone. We work with companies that:

  • Share the same beliefs and values as us.
  • Believe their biggest assets are their people.
  • Want to create a collaborative and innovative approach at their workplace.
  • Care beyond financial results, being mindful of its people and environmental impact.

Ricardo Carvalho

CEO - Director

"Change is my thing! I have been working with change management and management systems for the last 13 years within a range of industries, including manufacturing, tourism, food & wine, oil & gas, construction and agriculture. I created Skinny Robot to help businesses improve performance and align growth efforts with their strategies and aspirations."

Cyril Boyer

CTO - Director

"I believe it is possible to automate existing processes without re-designing everything or disturbing existing workflows. With the right amount of technology, reasonable investment, straightforward deployment and integration you can achieve fast, successful returns."

Our team's values:


Acting with integrity is a must, and therefore decisions and actions need to be transparent. Our customers and stakeholders are always aware of what is happening with their projects.


Without respect trust cannot be built. We value stakeholders inputs, they are the experts in their fields.


We embrace technology, it needs to be simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use.


Our approach to innovation is to build a culture that encourages creative thinking on how to make things better. Though, thinking is not enough, actions are needed. While acting and learning to problem-solve better ideas will surface, leading to innovation.


Driven by our passion to change the world, we strive to create ways to improve and simplify lives.


People are the reason for all we do; Technology is only the performance enabler.

We look forward to understanding the challenges you have, and supporting your business on your journey to success.