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We take confidentiality seriously – which is why we've withheld company and project names. If you'd like more information about these case studies and what we can do to help your team achieve change, please book a call with us.


Improve staff flexibility and productivity

The Challenge

An extremely regimented routine meant that our client's employees didn't have the flexibility to handle urgent tasks when they cropped up.

The Skinny Robot Solution

We helped facilitate and track the team's transformation as they adopted integrated software into their system.


The Result

Meaningful change, one idea at a time | Auckland NZ50%

● 50% higher satisfaction rate among team members and customers
● Greater working flexibility for employees and senior management
● Higher productivity for teams overall


Improve efficiency and create a more positive work environment

The Challenge

Transitioning away from historical practices can be tricky for business teams. Our client was having trouble incorporating new improvements without damaging the team culture.

The Skinny Robot Solution

By coaching the team through their transformation period, we identified root causes of bias and tension within the culture. Guiding employees at every level of the team helped the client work through their social tension and focus on improving their operations.


The Result

Meaningful change, one idea at a time | Auckland NZ33%

● A more positive and communicative team culture
● Improved time efficiency by 33%
● Ongoing operational consistency led to a happier and less stressful work environment


Reduce workloads and speed up operations

The Challenge

An outdated system for processing forms and communications was causing a backlog of work for our client.

The Skinny Robot Solution

Working with the team to develop an automated process for filling out and filing forms, including electronic signatures and immediate document delivery to the appropriate company department.


The Result

Meaningful change, one idea at a time | Auckland NZ52%

● Reduced processing time by 52%
● More time and energy for staff to focus on improving customer service
● A more fulfilled and relaxed team culture


Improve conversion rates and simplify staff processes

The Challenge

Too much friction on an e-commerce site was causing customers to abandon our client's website without completing their purchase. Inaccurate orders were also leading to confusion and mismanaged staff time.

The Skinny Robot Solution

Streamline the website and reduce the number of pages and clicks to complete purchases. Use automation to help reduce stress for our client's team members.


The Result

Meaningful change, one idea at a time | Auckland NZ250%

● A 250% increase in our client's conversion rate.
● Improved order accuracy
● A simpler backend process for staff


Improve order accuracy and optimise processing time

The Challenge

An outdated, paper-based system was causing wrong orders and missed details for our client.

The Skinny Robot Solution

We worked with the team to create a digital platform that could integrate all aspects of the business. Going paperless would help staff complete their tasks quicker and communicate more efficiently.


The Result

Meaningful change, one idea at a time | Auckland NZ25%

● A 97% order accuracy rate following the system change
● Improving staff efficiency by 25%
● A reduced carbon footprint

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Meaningful change, one idea at a time | Auckland NZ