At Skinny Robot, we help business teams

Transform great ideas into action

At Skinny Robot, we help business teams transform great ideas into action.

Our programme combines expert change management coaching with software to help you drive and manage sustainable, measurable progress. Here’s how it works.

Step 01
The pre-launch

Time frame: 1 month

Before the programme starts, our experts will meet with your senior managers to define:

  • Your direction – your company's key areas of focus.
  • Your "A" team – who will participate in the programme.
  • The schedule – when we will hold regular check-ins.
  • The budget – indicative budgets to ensure the programme is sustainable.

Step 02
Build meaningful change with software and coaching

Time frame: 5 months

Our digital framework is designed to ensure equality and accountability within team environments. Weekly meetings with our transition expert will help your team utilise our software to its full potential. Here's what's involved:

  • Brainstorm – Organise and record ideas from your entire team in one place.
  • Prioritise – Compare, rank, and select the initiatives that best align with your big-picture strategic goals.
  • Collaborate – Increase engagement with a platform that encourages insights and feedback from every team member.
  • Validation – Track accountability and credit people for their ideas and work.
  • Showcase – Easily compare your goals with actual results to understand your real ROI.

Step 03
Formulate a continuous change strategy

Time frame: ongoing

After your team has adapted to the software framework, you may choose to phase out the coaching sessions and continue the programme on your own initiative.

Get in touch to learn how our approach can help transform your workplace.

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